Be a Smart (Vegan) Cookie

Listing your business with Veebles is a wise move.

Step Into The Spotlight

Advertise and get your business featured. All eyes on you, baby!

Feed 2 Birds With 1 Scone

Simple ways for you to be involved in strengthening our Veebles team. By helping Veebles, everyone wins!

Be a Vegan Super Hero

Support our "No Vegan Left Behind", "Nonprofit Scholarships and Awards", and more.

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Dollars given to vegan-owned businesses are dollars flowing towards kindness, compassion, and healing our amazing and beautiful planet.

Vegan business owners are likely to

  • keep money flowing towards compassionate food and fashion choices
  • support legislation to label foods accurately and to promote healthy plant-based school lunches
  • support legislation to promote decency to animals
  • donate time and money to our precious nonprofits that tirelessly help our sweet animal friends
  • Together, let's create this circle of really good energy. It's a perfect example of "intentional commerce," putting your money where your heart is.

Writing and Publishing a Book?

Jonathan Balcombe is a public speaker, scientist, passionate vegan, and author of "What a Fish Knows," "The Exultant Ark," "Second Nature," and "Pleasurable Kingdom."

As an editor, Jonathan consults on writing, editing and publishing.

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Clothing By Vegans For Vegans

We at Vegan Styles are passionate about saving animals and the planet. We blissfully create beautiful VEGAN apparel and gifts. Dresses, Tees, even mugs, pillows, and more. We also donate 10% of net profits to animal rescues and sanctuaries.

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The Vegan Printer. We'll Help!

The Vegan Printer began in 2008 and we’ve been helping clients all over the US ever since. We offer various print products using recycled papers and soy inks.

We also help nonprofits and individuals. Come give us a try!

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Featured Listing of the Week!

Each week, Veebles will select the most complete and best written listing submitted. This week's honor goes to Sample Listing. Congratulations to you Sample, nicely done!

Hint: check out their listing page and find out why they won.

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