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How it happened

From Barnet:

It was 1989 when I read “Diet For A New America,” by John Robbins. This was my first discovery of the world of suffering endured by the animals on my plate. I broke down in sobs and became a vegetarian in that moment. Twenty years later, I met Tara.

From Tara:

It was 1989, and I was sharing an afternoon with a friend at the Oregon Zoo. We stopped at the cafe for lunch. Staring down at the chicken nuggets that came in the shape of animals, I made the connection. Here I was, going to the zoo to appreciate animals, yet I was eating animals processed in the shape of animals. I looked at my friend and said, “I’m never going to eat meat again.” Twenty years later, I met Barnet.

These four words changed our life

It didn’t take long for us after we became a couple. It was March 6, 2010, and Tara had just finished reading an article by Ginnifer Goodwin. It was the very first time she really noticed the word “vegan.” Tara called out to me from another room and announced that she had something important to ask. We sat down right there in the middle of the hallway, and she said four words we’ll never forget: “Why aren’t we vegan?”

There was no good answer. We became vegan from that moment on. Out went the silk ties and scarves, the wool suits, and the leather shoes, belts and handbags. No more trips to the zoo. In came the amazing food, documentaries, protests, meetups, and visits to animal sanctuaries.


The Birth of Veebles

We loved those early vegan days. Whenever we went to a vegan restaurant, it simply felt “right.” We loved knowing that the owner would never use the money they received in ways that contributed to animal cruelty. We loved knowing that if we were to get into a conversation with any vegan business owner, they would have their own story to tell, their own “why.”

We started searching for other services we needed: a vegan housecleaner, a vegan hair stylist, and a vegan naturopath. It was tedious (really tedious) work. We knew there must be many vegans in our city that offered services, and we wondered how we could ever find them.

From conversations with vegans from all over the country, we knew we were not alone in our desire to find and support vegan-owned businesses. In fact, people were genuinely excited about the idea.

So now we have Veebles. It’s our greatest joy and privilege, our most heartfelt way of helping animals, and the happiest way we know of to support our friends who also carry this compassion in their hearts.

What I like about Barnet

What I like about Tara

“If I’m ever in a coma, you have to hire someone to pluck my eyebrows every day.”

“I’ve got the ice cream, I’ve got the pie. Nothing else matters.”

“I just need a day to shop uninterrupted by myself.”

“I only have three hours to eat and shower.”

“Here, try this. It’s disgusting!”

What we like about Gracie

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us, about our journey and about how Veebles came to be. It is our greatest pleasure knowing that you are here on this adventure with us.

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