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Costa Rica Intentional Community

Costa Rica Intentional Community

Seeking kindred spirits

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Cabuya de Montezuma, Cobano, Puntarenas Province , Costa Rica, 5361


What is an Intentional Community?

It is a gathering of like-minded people who share the same goals, and sharing resources and working together to achieve those goals.

We are seeking kindred spirits who love nature and wildlife to join us on our Wildlife Sanctuary.

Any vegan who has a desire to get back to nature is welcome!

Our goals are:

~  longterm protection for the wilderness and wildlife on the sanctuary
~ to grow organic food using permaculture and biodynamic techniques
~  to continue reforestation projects

Interested in purchasing titled land?

We have several lots available in the Sanctuary,  and owner financing is a possibility.

Within walking distance:

~  beaches
~  bus service to Montezuma and beyond
~  two grocery stores
~  several restaurants and bars
~  beautiful rivers with pools and waterfalls
~  Isla Cabuya (excellent for snorkeling)
~  Cabo Blanco National Park (8,000 acres of wilderness jungle forests)

Future projects:

~  open a vegan restaurant located in open-air butterfly gardens
~  initiate conservation education programs in local schools
~  landscape projects to create or enhance existing wildlife corridors
~  retreats & workshops to promote veganism

Sounds like fun to you?  It is, to us, and we get to live it every day.

Come check us out, and create your own little patch of goodness!

Vegan Since 2017


My name is Alberto Solano, and I am a Tico (Costa Rican) who truly loves animals.

My breakaway from society’s normalized violence against animals began over a decade ago. Watching vegan and animal awareness videos on YouTube really made a big difference for me. I ran a bakery for over 10 years in Paraiso de Cartago, and then I moved to beautiful Cabuya de Montezuma.

Now, caring for animals and gardening are my passions, also cooking and baking excellent vegan foods. I love living surrounded by nature and wildlife.

I’m vegan “for the animals,” and I advocate veganism to all my friends and family.

We hope you see you someday soon, in our beautiful jungle waterfall sanctuary!
Favorite Vegan and Animal Awareness Books and Movies
  • Earthlings
Favorite Vegan and Animal Awareness Nonprofits
  • Vegan Love ~ One Heart, One Soul, One Mind
  • Animal Resistance
  • Mercy for Animals
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund


Costa Rica Intentional CommunityCosta Rica Intentional CommunityCosta Rica Intentional CommunityCosta Rica Intentional Community

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Costa Rica Intentional Community, Alberto Solano

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Costa Rica Intentional Community, Alberto Solano

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