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Heartwood Haven

Saving lives since 2017

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Gig Harbor / Tacoma, WA USA
Tacoma Metro Area,


Heartwood Haven is a vegan farmed animal sanctuary located in Gig Harbor, WA.

Our mission is to rescue abused, neglected, or mistreated animals while educating the public on the effects of animal agriculture.

We work primarily with local animal control agencies and shelters in our area. In addition to rescuing and caring for animals, we also help our local community with a pet food bank and resources on spays and neuters for their animal companions.

Vegan Since 2000


Kate, Our Founder

I grew up in what is now the defunct USSR. I saved my school lunches to feed pregnant and nursing stray dogs and tried to adopt stray kittens. Some of the beginning motivations to become vegan were seeing a display on vivisection in middle school. Some students were showcasing their projects on beagles, rabbits, rats and monkeys to test beauty and cleaning products as well as laboratory research. In high school, I got involved with an animal rights club.

I eventually watched PeTA’s undercover video “Meet Your Meat” and went vegan overnight. I worked in the veterinary field for six years.

Hope, Our Founder

I went vegan in March of 2015, a few short months after meeting Katya. At first, my reasons were mostly for health and the environment, but after about a year of eating a vegan diet my compassionate side started to show through.

I found a funky looking rooster on Seattle Animal Shelters website and urged Katya to let us adopt him. That funky looking rooster would eventually become affectionately known as Jon Snow. Jon has taught me a lot. I give Jon credit for turning me into the animal advocate I am today.
Favorite Vegan and Animal Awareness Books and Movies
  • Called to Rescue
Favorite Vegan and Animal Awareness Nonprofits
  • Pigs Peace Sanctuary


Heartwood HavenHeartwood HavenHeartwood HavenHeartwood Haven

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Heartwood Haven

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