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Humane Investing, LLC

Humane Investing, LLC

Your personal vegan investment advisor.

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Glen Allen, Virginia USA
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Humane Investing has been a mission-driven vegan-owned business since 2009.

Our clients live all over the country, so most of our connections are made over email, phone, or Skype.

Whether you need professional money management or a one-time financial consultation, we will help you develop a plan of action.

We believe you can make money while making a positive difference for people, animals, and the planet, and we work exclusively with this mission in mind.

While we have made great progress since 2009 when we first began this journey, we are more determined than ever to raise the bar for mutual funds that are purportedly “sustainable” and “ethical” and encourage the portfolio managers of these funds to consider animal rights and animal welfare in their investment process.

We offer our services to vegan investors seeking to align investment decision-making with personal values and/or institutional missions.

Brenda A. Morris, CFP® is an Investment Advisory Representative of First Affirmative Financial Network (“First Affirmative”), a wholly owned subsidiary of FOLIOfn, Inc. First Affirmative Financial Network is a Registered Investment Advisor (SEC File #801-56587). First Affirmative is a Certified B Corp.

Vegan Since 1991


I’m Brenda A. Morris, the founder and CEO of Humane Investing, LLC, a fee-only financial firm dedicated to helping activists make money while making a difference.

I’ve volunteered with the Vegetarian Society of Richmond for two decades and have been a coordinator of the Richmond VegFest since 2003. One of my favorite hobbies is giving out samples of amazing vegan food at non-veg events and watching people who have never considered going vegan consider it for the first time.

I’ve spent the last several years speaking at vegetarian festivals across the country, encouraging animal advocates to put pressure on their financial advisers to examine their holdings from an ethical perspective. I had the honor of speaking at the first symposium on plant-based investing at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in New York.

While I encourage anyone who cares about animals to invest in companies that do not support, cause, or contribute to animal exploitation and suffering, I hope this “specialization” isn’t needed much longer as more and more companies move towards incorporating cruelty-free practices into their business models.
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  • Our Symphony with Animals
  • Clean Meat
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  • Veg Fund
  • Vegan Outreach


Humane Investing, LLC

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Humane Investing, LLC, Brenda A. Morris

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