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Lydia’s Foods

Lydia’s Foods

Vegan • Gluten-Free • Organic • Artisan • Small-Batch

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1390 N. McDowell Blvd, Suite E
Petaluma, CA USA 94954
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I am Lydia Kindheart, founder of Lydia’s Organics and Lydia’s Kind Foods in Northern California.

I have over 30 years of nutrition and culinary practice in creating my award-winning raw and cooked snacks, beverages and cuisine.

As one of the original pioneers in the organic-vegan food movement, I’ve served my gluten-free, organic, and vegan products to over 1 million people. I previously founded the largest vegan eatery and events center in the US.

My award-winning foods have also been a staple at West Coast festivals for over 20 years.

My small batch artisanal recipes are rich in overall whole-body nutrition with an emphasis on sprouted seeds, chlorophyll content, fiber, and low-sugars. My cereals, chips, bars and crackers are all created with low-temperature dehydration.

I’ve been privileged to speak at conscious-living events, lead cooking workshops, and serve as a private health consultant.

I’ve pledged to take a stand for you and your community’s health, the environment, local organic farms, health-food education, community outreach, and sustainable food manufacturing.

You can find Lydia’s products at health retailers across the US, at Lydia’s Health Food Store in Petaluma, CA, and at West Coast conscious-living and music festivals.

Want to shop from the comfort of your home? Check out my website!


Vegan Since 1979


Born in Paris, France, I spent much of my youth exploring a holistic lifestyle of yoga, herbs and vegetarianism.

I developed a strong sense of compassion towards others at an early age and in the spirit of empathy with people who were starving, went on a 6-day fast when I was 13 in order to experience what it felt like to be hungry.

An avid reader, I began seeking answers to many questions. Books like “Garden of Eden” as well as ones by Anne Wigmore and Arnold Ehret changed my life and inspired me to experiment. At age 15, I moved to California and found myself amidst a like-minded community.

My first breakthrough came during a 10-day fast at age 16. I experienced the connection between cleansing the body and cleansing the mind. Deeply inspired by this spiritual epiphany, I started to fast in remote places and my life forever changed as I transitioned into veganism.

For the next twelve years, I traveled the Americas, following the sun, and had many adventures. Inspired by the Essene teachings, I sun-baked my first sprouted bread on a desert boulder and thus began my journey of healing people through nutrition.
Favorite Vegan and Animal Awareness Books and Movies
  • Hippocrates Diet
  • Earthlings
  • Forks Over Knives
Favorite Vegan and Animal Awareness Nonprofits
  • PETA
  • Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
  • The Vegan Society
  • Vegan Outreach


Lydia’s FoodsLydia’s FoodsLydia’s FoodsLydia’s Foods

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Hippocrates Diet
Forks Over Knives
Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
The Vegan Society
Vegan Outreach


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