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Samsara Vegan Travels

Samsara Vegan Travels

Making vegan travel easy and fun!

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Samsara Vegan Travels is making vegan travel easy and fun!

We organize exciting package tours for of vegans to Myanmar, Vietnam, Sweden, Japan and Nepal.

You don’t have to worry about finding vegan food, we have already done that for you. And you can enjoy the food and the tour in the company of fellow vegans. We offer a lot of freedom, it’s up to you if you want to join for dinner or an excursion.

We will promise you to:
– Make travel easy and fun for vegans
– Bring together vegans from different cultures and countries
– Travel in small groups (6-12 people)
– Give you easy access to vegan food
– All our tour leaders are vegan
– Avoid contributing to and witnessing animal cruelty as far as possible
– Offer you freedom of choice (you choose if you want to join the group all the time)

Check out our website for all the details, dates and prices. You can always chat to us or have us call you if you have any questions.

I hope to welcome you on one of our vegan tours!

Stefan – owner and tour leader – Samsara Vegan Travels

Vegan Since 2017


I did not become a vegan overnight, but I did stop eating meat about 6 years ago. Around this time there were various meat scandals in the news, animals being mistreated and stuffed with growth hormones and antibiotics. So that was it for meat, no more. But after the reality sank it that also fish are not treated well I also stopped eating fish.

The transition to being vegan was induced by my wife, who is a health coach. She transitioned to veganism first and I was quite happy to go along, but not always without a fight. I did not always understand the harm in using products that had ‘one drop of milk’ in them.

My real transition to being vegan I made at the worst possible time, while traveling through Asia. In some countries things were easier than in others and after a while we developed a strategy and knew what kind of things were available and where to get them.

Over time it dawned on me that my ‘reward’ for being vegan is the realization that so many animals were not being tortured and slaughtered because of my actions.
Favorite Vegan and Animal Awareness Books and Movies
  • The Game Changers
Favorite Vegan and Animal Awareness Nonprofits
  • Seeds – Enjoy the vegan movement
  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme
  • Myanmar Vegan Society


Samsara Vegan TravelsSamsara Vegan TravelsSamsara Vegan TravelsSamsara Vegan Travels

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The Game Changers
Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme
Myanmar Vegan Society


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