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Veebles Heart

I am a Virtual Assistant and I want to assist you in the mundane tasks of your business.

I’ll take care of email management, social media management, proofreading and other administrative tasks so that you are able to concentrate on the bigger picture. You will be able to work on income producing activities because you know I have your back!

I am open to learning and doing any tasks you might need help with.

I have customer service, tech support as well as years of admin service experience so I feel I am a “Jill of all trades!”

With my attention to detail and quick learning abilities we can do amazing work for your business and the animals!

Vegan Since 2017


I have always hated eating meat but was afraid as someone who “doesn’t like veggies” that I would either starve to death or be stuck eating salads. I don’t like salads!

Then one of my best friends started working with the Gentle Barn and sharing post of Dudley the cow. I started to connect to Dudley. To realize he was just like a big puppy and no different than the animals I love and share my home with. So I bought a whole bunch of meat replacement products. I spent the next couple of days veganizing comfort foods.

Once I realized I could do it and make it taste good without having to eat salad all the time I jumped in right away!
Favorite Vegan and Animal Awareness Books and Movies
  • Beyond Belief
Favorite Vegan and Animal Awareness Nonprofits
  • The Pig Preserve

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Beyond Belief


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The Veggie VA, Callie Millen

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