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Veebles?? What’s a Veebles? Where did that come from? 

Veebles is derived from Vegan Business Listings, a name we originally liked, but then decided was far too boring for an adventure as exciting as this one is. We love our name Veebles and we hope you like it too!

What’s With the Yellow and the Red Hearts?

Our number one priority is to take care of every single vegan-owned business that lists with Veebles and everyone who uses Veebles to connect with those businesses. To do this, we need to keep growing, keep improving, and keep advertising. As every business owner knows, advertising and improvements are expensive. As a listing business, in addition to the “free” option, you may choose to contribute $19.95 annually (a yellow heart is added to your listing) or $39.95 annually (the cool red heart is added).

How much does it cost to feature my business or service on the home page?

Being featured on the home page is a smart business choice! This page is seen by every visitor. There are four areas where your featured ad can be placed: the main images up top, the six large square boxes below, the full-width areas below that, and the smaller six boxes below that. When clicked, each ad space will take the user directly to your business page, where they can read your story in glorious detail. To learn more about reserving your spot, please visit our Advertise With Us located in the menu.

Questions About Linking

I want to bring more awareness to Veebles and help vegan-owned businesses thrive. How can I link my website to Veebles?

Thank you. We love that you want to help Veebles grow by linking to us! You can find instructions on how to link to us here.

Listing Questions

I am a vegetarian, why can’t I list my business with Veebles?

That’s a great question! Veebles is a vegan-owned business, and we’re here to support businesses that have made the conscious choice to identify as vegan. By actively promoting your business as vegan, you are helping to increase awareness for veganism being recognized as a legitimate lifestyle choice that promotes health, animal welfare, and more environmental and food sustainability.  

For the purpose of consistency, dependability, and because our listing businesses and site visitors expect to find vegan-only businesses, we only accept businesses that identify as vegan.  You can learn more in our Listing Guidelines. We realize that many vegetarians have good intentions and may not yet be aware of the added benefits of transitioning to a fully vegan lifestyle. We are here to help!  Click HERE for a list of amazing resources.  Once you have transitioned your business to an all vegan establishment, we will happily celebrate your choices and welcome you to list your business with Veebles.

I’m not very tech savvy. Is it hard to create a listing?

Not at all. There are clear instructions throughout the form.  Prepare by looking at some listings to see what information you’ll need to provide. Plan for about 20 minutes to complete your listing. If you have trouble navigating, no worries. Just send us an email and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

I feel like I won’t do my business justice if I write the “About Business” page myself.  Can you help with that?

Yes we can!  Veebles has a crew of talented writers for hire that would be happy to assist. We recommend that you first create your listing with all the important facts listed. Then, send us an email requesting help and for a small fee we will help you create a listing that best represents your vegan business and really spotlights its greatest features.

I want to list my business, but I simply don’t have the time to create a good profile.  Can you help with that?

You bet! Email us (with phone number, time zone, best time to call) and we’ll go over the details.

My business has locations in different cities and I want them all listed.  What do I do?

Each listing can include only one location to enable our search engine to find you. Additional locations require additional listings. Users can find you by city search, so of course they won’t find you if you are not listed in the cities you serve.

What if my business has multiple locations in the same city?

If your locations are in the same city, you may choose to list one location and mention the others in the “About Business” section of your listing.  You might even want to start off by saying “Visit our other locations at:”

I live in a small town in one state and want to be found when users are searching a nearby big city in my neighboring state.  What should I do?

Easy peasy! Complete your listing as normal. Near the end of the form you’ll choose what state you want to be found in. Choose your neighboring state if you like, and then choose the correct metro area in that state. This strategy is only advisable if you live in a “no-vegans-here-kind-of-town” and you live on the border of a neighboring state with a metro area close to you.

I started my listing but I don’t have time to finish right now. Can I save and come back?

You bet! Save your listing entering your business name in the first field. Press “save.” Now you can exit and return to edit whenever you like.

Why do you require a personal section to be on your listing? 

Glad you asked! We strengthen our vegan community with each personal connection. Sharing your own vegan journey makes you “real,” creates a deeper relationship, and makes people more likely to want to do business with you. By the way, you can read our vegan journey here.

How do I win a spot for the “Featured Listing of the Week”? 

Each week, we’ll choose the most complete and best written listing submitted and feature it with both our “Take The Spotlight Saturday” and our “Listing of the Week” promotions.

For “Take The Spotlight Saturday,” you’ll be featured on our social media and added to our “Spotlight” highlights on our Instagram @veeblesvbl. 

For the “Listing of the Week,” you’ll receive a FREE deluxe full-width ad on our homepage for an entire week.

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