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Veebles?? What’s a Veebles? Where did that come from? 

Veebles is derived from Vegan Business Listings, a name we originally liked, but then decided was far too boring for an adventure as exciting as this one is. We love our name Veebles and we hope you like it too.

What’s this “Be A Hero” stuff all about?

To be a hero means going beyond simply liking something and hoping it will happen. Small, medium and large donations from Veebles businesses and Veebles users fund our mission of 

“No Vegan Left Behind”

Donations to our “No Vegan Left Behind” project may also be directed towards the considerable expenses (marketing and advertising, maintaining an outreach staff) that drive our effort. We want every vegan who owns a business to learn about us and benefit from our support. We want to reach every vegan consumer as well, to make sure this valuable tool is available free of charge.

I love the Veebles concept and I sometimes have a little extra time. I want to support your growth and success. How can I do that? 

This is exciting! We would love to include you in Team Veebles. Visit the “Make a Contribution” and “Get Involved” pages found under the “Giving Back” tab in our menu.

What is the “Featured Listing of the Week” on your home page all about? 

Each week, we’ll choose the most complete and best written listing submitted and feature it with both our “Take The Spotlight Saturday” and our “Listing of the Week” promotions.

For “Take The Spotlight Saturday,” you’ll see the listing featured on our social media and added to our “Spotlight” highlights on our Instagram @veeblesvbl. 

For the “Featured Listing of the Week,” you’ll see the listing on our Deluxe full-width ad spots on our homepage for an entire week.

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