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Business Listing Guidelines

VEEBLES exists to provide more choices for the vegan community, and to support those business owners who do not eat meat or consume animal products.

Our objective in establishing these guidelines is to ensure that all site users can be confident that the businesses and organizations we present are truly operating in a spirit that enhances and serves the vegan community.

For the purposes of this site, the term “vegan” is defined as someone who never eats meat or consumes products derived from animals. “Vegan” includes vegans, raw foodists (who do not eat meat), and fruitarians.

The term “meat” is defined as the flesh of any once-living being not a member of the plant kingdom. Therefore, the flesh of all other land, sea, or air creatures is considered “meat” for purposes of this definition.

Anyone may use this site regardless of food choice.

However, in order to list your business on this site, you must be vegan.  Again, this means that you never eat meat.

By listing your business on this site you are declaring that you are a vegan according to our guidelines.

By listing your business with Veebles, you agree that your business does not use or sell products that have harmed or exploited animals in any way.  You further agree that any services you offer through your listed business does not in any way harm or exploit animals. 

You further understand and agree that your listing will be terminated if you are found to be in violation of our guidelines. You further agree not to attempt to list your business again until all listing criteria are met.

If in the future you meet our criteria, you would be welcomed to list your business with us, and will be greeted with open arms, praises and congratulations!

All listing submissions are subject to review and will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to limit membership to those businesses that we feel conform to our guidelines.

Sometimes, the decision of who qualifies to be listed with VEEBLES is not an easy one to make. We’ll contact you if we need clarification, and you are welcome to contact us for further conversation. If we feel that your situation falls outside of VEEBLES vision and guidelines, we’ll try to offer recommendations that may help.

If you have personal knowledge that a business listed is not owned by a vegan, please email us

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please email us.

Nonprofit Listing Guidelines

We gladly offer memberships to nonprofits that are chartered to specifically support the vegan community, spread greater awareness of veganism, promote compassion and awareness for animals, and to directly provide welfare for animals.

Thanks for your cooperation.


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