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Do We Have The Same “Why”?

Is this your dream too?

Our most cherished dream is to one day wake up to a world where everyone is vegan.
Is this your dream too?
Just imagine:

Joyful compassion and respect for all animals.
Healthy and abundant nourishment for everyone.
A cleaner and more fertile Mother Earth.

Until that day comes, please work (and play) with Veebles to move us all closer to that dream.


Veebles has a plan for how to help bring this vegan world into existence. It’s what we call “Intentional Commerce”.

This means purposely directing our money towards people and organizations that share our values. It’s an easy concept to understand. It simply means


Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is


When you do business with vegans, you know that they’re not going to run out and put a steak on their dinner table. Nor will vegans be the cause of newborn calves being ripped away from their mothers, their mother’s milk being taken from them, nor any of the many other cruel practices of the meat, dairy, and fashion industries.
Instead, you’re supporting vegan businesses so that they may prosper.


• In doing so you are helping them to keep money flowing towards compassionate food and fashion choices.
• You’ll know that they likely will support legislation to label foods accurately, to promote healthy plant-based school lunches, to establish laws that promote decency to animals.
• You’ll know that these same vegan business owners may use their extra dollars to donate to some of the many precious nonprofits that so beautifully and tirelessly support causes that promote health and compassion.





We see it as a circle of really good energy.


Intentional commerce in action: putting your money where your heart is. Will you be our partner in this grand and wonderful project? 

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