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Quick tip #1: use several paragraphs instead of one long one. It’s so much easier to read and so much more attractive (hint: if you press the “return” key twice, it creates a nice separation between paragraphs).

Quick tip #2: Tell us your name! Upload a photo of your smiling face. Make your business as “relatable” as you can.

Quick tip #3: Have people who love your product or service leave reviews on your listing page (people LOVE reviews).

Here’s your chance to make a great impression! Be thorough, express your enthusiasm, and show people how wonderful your business is.  

Want some ideas to make your business listing more warm and friendly?

After you’ve described your products or service, here are some great things to mention:

• What inspired you to start your business?

• What do you find most rewarding about your business?

• What do you find most rewarding about your customers?

• What makes your business unique?

• Have a engaging closing sentence. Create a warm, positive invitation, such as:

“I’m looking forward to / working with / speaking with / taking good care of / you!”

“Call me for a free 20 minute consultation.”

“Check out my website for more juicy details”

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