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(50-200 words)

This is a perfect opportunity to make yourself “real.” It doesn’t need to be perfect, just sincere, 

Tell the story of your “personal vegan journey” and everybody wins! 

Here are some things worth mentioning, if they apply to you:

• What inspired you to become vegan? A book? A movie? Which ones? Was it a friend? A family member?

• Was your decision a lengthy process, or did you have a single “aha” moment?  Did you transition from vegetarianism? If so, how did that come about?

• Are you particularly active in the vegan or animal rights community? If so, how? Which venues?

• Do you have other family members who are vegan?

Above all, remember to have fun!



• Tell us your name! Make your business as “relatable” as you can.

• Use “I” or “we” instead of “they” or “them.” It’s much more warm and personal.

• Use several paragraphs instead of one long one.

It will make your profile much easier to read and much more attractive.

NOTE: press the “return” key twice, between paragraphs. It creates a nice separation.


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