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Expanding My Audience

“I market to my immediate community, like most small business owners. Veebles allows me to effortlessly expand my audience by specifically including other vegans. What a huge business benefit! Also as a Veebles user, I love knowing that more of my consumer dollars go to individuals who in turn will spend their money mindfully. Thank you!”

Jill Kerner
Message Therapist, Las Vegas, Nevada
Vegan Since 2016

Full Speed Ahead

“I’m looking forward to building new relationships with fellow vegans. Veebles is a wonderful way to strengthen our vegan community and get to know each other in a way that makes a difference. Full speed ahead!”

Danny Hai Shuster
Los Angeles, California
Vegan Since 2011

Just What I Was Wishing For

“Thank you so much for creating this wonderful platform for vegan products, people and services! Just what I was wishing for, so that every dollar I spend is never directed towards animal exploitation! So thank you, thank you for creating this site. I hope it grows into an enormous global resource. I’m so excited be a part of this thriving vegan community. Thank you for the opportunity!” 💚🙏

Tina Stokes
Toronto, Canada
Vegan Since 2013

Stronger Networks

“Veebles is an exciting opportunity to connect and create stronger networks with vegan business owners and consumers. I’m excited to be a part of this!”

Dill Ward
Portland, Oregon
Vegan Since 2005
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