Veebles Giving Back Businesses With Heart

We support all vegans! 

Our vision is clear:  Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Veebles is a platform for us vegans to list our businesses, nonprofits, events and services. We’re constantly perfecting Veebles to make sure everyone can be “found” with ease.

One more thing we really really treasure? We give back and we love it!

This means purposely directing our money towards people and organizations that share our values. Dollars given to vegan-owned businesses are dollars flowing towards kindness, compassion, and healing our amazing and beautiful planet. Veebles provides the space to practice “intentional commerce” with ease. 

We support registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits who are helping animals or spreading awareness about animals, veganism and health in a number of ways:

•through monthly donations to our nonprofit of the month

•through FREE listings for all vegan 501(c)(3) nonprofits

•through our amazing referral program giving nonprofits a 25% reward from all new paid listings signed up under their referral code

 We support new vegan businesses

•through having an amazing  platform for them to affordably list their business 

•through our “No Vegan Left Behind” program giving brand new businesses a year long free listing if they are in need of financial assistance 

•through our amazing referral program for vegan businesses, services and   influencers giving them ad credit to help their business “Get in the Spotlight

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