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Rooterville Bed & Breakfast is special, for so many reasons! In this overpopulated world, there is an increasing need to provide dedicated spaces to farm animals and wildlife. Animal sanctuaries are the perfect solution! These places play an important role in society. They protect and safeguard animals from being affected by human activities and from abuse.

Wildlife and farmed animal sanctuaries are homes to animals that have been rescued from dangerous conditions. Some sanctuaries even serve as spaces for endangered species to naturally repopulate. They are a haven for animals.


Who is Rooterville Animal Sanctuary?


Not just wild animals; even farm animals need a safe place to stay. In most cases, these animals were rescued from abuse or from being slaughtered for meat and other animal-based products.

To protect their innocent lives, farm animal sanctuaries, such as the Rooterville bed and breakfast and Animal Sanctuary, were developed to provide a place for animals where they can live happily and cared for.

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2014 by Elaine West. It was opened to provide shelter and protection to all the animals in Florida that are abandoned, unwanted, or abused. If an animal in Florida needs a safe place to live, then Rooterville will be their destination. For those who are visiting the sanctuary to see their animals, they also have the Rooterville bed and breakfast that can be booked in support of the sanctuary.

Rooterville had a very humble beginning. The sanctuary that started with 5 just acres of land has now expanded up to 30 acres. It has now become a well-established wildlife sanctuary for all the animals in need. It provides care and permanent homes to all that come to their door.

The sanctuary is known for taking care of unwanted pigs that were bought and then abandoned by their humans. Mostly, they would end up meeting a tragic end on a farm and eventually a slaughterhouse, but the sanctuary is doing its best to provide them with shelter and everything they need instead.


Why are animal sanctuaries important?


The cruelty cases against non-human animals are increasing every day. These include natural habitats being destroyed, pets being abandoned and abused, and animals being slaughtered for meat and other products. This is why animal sanctuaries are important—they rescue these animals from suffering and give them the love and respect that they deserve.

These sanctuaries help their resident animals in many ways. Here are just some of them:

  • They provide shelter and care to abandoned animals.
  • They take care of injured animals and keep them until the time they get fit.
  • They ensure animals are well-nourished and provide a safe home where they do not have to fear about getting harmed.
  • They find good people who are willing to adopt rescued animals.
  • They advocate against animal cruelty.

For all these reasons, it is very important to support animal sanctuaries. This way, you help create a better world for humans and animals alike.


Who are the animals at Rooterville?


As previously mentioned, the Rooterville bed and breakfast and animal sanctuary is mainly known for taking in pigs that were abandoned by their human caretakers. Some of these pigs were even rejected by animal control agencies. Since they do not have any place to go or have no one to take care of them, Rooterville takes them in.

Aside from pigs, their residents also include other animals, such as cows, mini-horses, goats, turkeys, chickens, and even bees.

Today, there are more than 400 rescued farm animals calling Rooterville their home. The sanctuary has given them a new home and life to the animals without any fear of being abused and harmed.

Like many other farm animal sanctuary, Rooterville is meant for the betterment of abandoned and abused farm animals. They are doing a great job fighting for the rights of these animals whose voices aren’t being heard and curbing the problem of animal cruelty wherever and whenever they can.

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