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Whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re a seasoned professional, you work hard to grow your business.

We Want to Help

Just like you, we believe that every dollar spent with a vegan-owned business supports compassion for animals and the healing of our planet.

Veebles is the first and largest of its kind, bringing consumers and businesses together: doctors, dentists, restaurants, retail and so much more. We’ll connect you in your backyard, across your country and online everywhere.

Here are some of the sweet features you’ll get when you list your business with Veebles (woo-hoo!)

You’ll have your own beautiful, robust individual listing page, searchable by name, location, keywords and category

You can tell your business story in exciting detail and inspire others with your personal vegan journey

If you want, we’ll provide a map and directions to your location

Go ahead, upload your logo and up to four more images

We’ll include links to your website and seven social media platforms

We’ll make sure your listing can easily be shared by both email and text

If you want, you can be called, emailed, or even messaged

We’ll make it easy for people to share your business on Twitter or Facebook

You’ll have an “enticement option” to offer temporary or ongoing discount coupons or bonus promotions

You can share your favorite vegan and animal awareness books, movies, and nonprofits (yes, people want to know)

Your customers and clients can leave a review on your page and enhance your brand. (Nearly nine in ten consumers consider online reviews as important as personal recommendations)

Don’t own your own business? No worries. If you’re vegan, we want to support you. If you’re an attorney or naturopath, for example, working within a non-vegan company, Veebles will list you too

And this is just the start. We’ll add more fun features along the way, you can count on it. You and Veebles: we’re going to do some great things together

Here’s the best news:

If you’re one of the first two-hundred businesses to list with Veebles, you’ll be among our founding members, and we’ll be forever grateful. To acknowledge your support, we’re offering you something truly special.

Nonprofits, We Adore You!

Because we do, we’re offering you a full-featured listing page for free.

If you’re a registered 501(c)(3) helping animals or spreading awareness about animals, veganism and health, we’ll happily include you forever.

Here’s how it works (it’s simple)

We’ll review your listing and verify your nonprofit status within 48 hours. Please be prepared to provide a copy of your 501(c)(3) registration if requested. Email us if you need help linking to us or if you have other questions. Easy!

Ok, let’s get started!

Be a Part of Something Special
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